ChemTech Super Coolant

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   Super Coolant

Meets A.S.T.M. and specifications for Automotive Applications (except those standards addressing glycol content) GM1825M, 1899M, ASTM D-3306, D-4985, D-2847, D-4340, SAE J-1034, J-1941. Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, 5 year/100,000 mile protection. Low depletion organic corrosion inhibitors are compatible with orange DexCool™ and Prestone 5/100 Long Life® or Sure Temp™ XLF-orange antifreeze/coolants for the block and undrainable portions.

• Lowers Operating Temperature 20°F–50°F Degrees (in most applications)
• Lubricates Cooling Systems.
• Non-Corrosive, Safe for All Aluminum, Brass, and Cast Engine systems/components.
• Provides Rust & Corrosion Protection
• Biodegradable
• Track Water is now Safe With ChemTech Super Coolant.
• Mixes With Water and Antifreeze.
• ChemTech Super Coolant is designed for use in and safe in Race Cars, Motorcycles, Marine Systems, Diesel, Farming, Construction, Towing, and High Performance Street use.


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