ChemTech Racing Synthetic

ChemTech Break In Engine Oil

is a premium quality multi-grade blend engine oil that is specially

formulated for break in use in all types of gasoline and diesel engines. It is blended from the finest quality solvent refined, severely hydro-finished 100% paraffin base oils available. This unique combination provides ChemTech SAE 10W45 with the following advantages:

1. Superior New Engine Startability and Operation Characteristics. This

results in less friction and lubricant drag in the engine during break in.

2. Superior Oxidative Stability. Any oil, as it is increasingly exposed to high temperature operation, undergoes the process of oxidation; thus resulting

in the oil's thickening and the buildup of acidic components. Prevention of oil oxidation is particularly important for today's hotter-running racing engines. Because of the 100% paraffin base oils closed molecular structure, the process of oxidation is greatly reduced.

3. Excellent Resistance to Thermal Degradation during break in.

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